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Week 37 Who Are Your Friends?


S: Prov 27:6 (NLT)

Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy. 

O: It is safe to say that nobody really likes to be told off/reprimanded/scolded for anything by anyone, least of all by someone we know who knows us well. Right from childhood, it is something we grow up loving to hate. For this reason, there are few ways we get ourselves out of it 

We do the right thing – This makes the most sense but is easier said than done.

We learn to make the right noises when certain people are around us. This gives the illusion as though we are doing the right thing.

Finally we keep doing what we know to be wrong, but change our environment and fill it with people who endorse what we want to do!

Truth be told, we sometimes find it easier to do the latter as it is in line with our own will! Our scripture of focus today, is a not so gentle reminder that it is better to endure the wounds from a friend than to “enjoy” kisses from an enemy. Think about a scalpel, this sharp and powerful tool in the hands of a surgeon cuts to repair and heal. Now imagine the same scalpel in the hands of the enemy, it becomes a weapon used to destroy! The destruction part is what the kisses (meaning the pleasantries, compliments and distracting invitations) from an enemy will do. Once we have this awareness, the question of wounds from a friend or kisses from an enemy becomes a non-starter. As creatives, we must surround ourselves with people who love us enough to tell us the truth; generally, these people are not impressed by us. This way, there is no conflict of interest as the truth hurts and sometimes must be left alone to heal!

A: Make time frequently to take an audit of the people you surround yourself with. The aim is to be surrounded by friends who tell you the absolute truth, not just hype and yes people.

P: Dear Lord, Thank you for the faithful truthful friends you have placed around me. Give me the grace to accept the necessary pain they sometimes bring and to resist the misleading pleasures of deceitful people.