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Week 51 While You Wait…

S: John 2:1-5
But his mother told the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” 
O: Jesus while attending a wedding with his mother, issued an unusual instruction when the servers ran out of wine. He told the servers to fill jars with water and draw some out. Even more puzzling Jesus’ mother, simply told the servers to do what he told them! What is that going  to do-one would have thought.  In this type of situation, like the Wedding at Cana, truth be told, it takes a deep level of trust to go against your natural cynicism. However, that is precisely what the servers at this wedding did! They followed a simple instruction “DO WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU”. There is a lot to be said about obedience and following instructions especially when you don’t understand it. The ease with which we obey God is directly linked to how we have seen God respond to our obedience in the past. 
Waiting is much more than being stationary, it is about serving and attending to someone; in this case, God!
So in a nutshell, our service to God should be driven by trust and obedience. These are the main requirements! The songwriter put it this way: 
“I wanna give my best to you
I wanna do what you asked me to
I wanna go wherever you say
Just say the word and I’ll obey
I wanna live a life that’s real
I wanna serve you Lord for real
For you deserve all this and more
So I give you more” – Lawrence Flowers & Intercession from the song “More”
A: On your journey of service to God DO whatever He says, even when it doesn’t make sense!
P: Lord thank you for the privilege of service. Please help us to obey you and to live a life that is real but pleasing to you!