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Week 3: The Role of Service -
You can’t serve God directly

S: 1 Sam 3: 1a (NLT)
‘Meanwhile, the boy Samuel served the Lord by assisting Eli. ’

O: It is clear here that Samuel’s service to God was by assisting Eli. When we look deeper at the phrase, for everything that God asks us to do it is never self-serving. The immediate benefit of our action goes to someone else. We serve Him with our  obedience, but what he tells us to do requires us to use the resources He has given us to do something for someone else and that brings glory to Him. Going back to our restaurant analogy, let’s say we work at a high end restaurant, the waiter is us and the customer is God. So, our customer places an order with us, the waiter and all the customer then has to do is await the order. The waiter’s role is to facilitate the customer getting their five-star meal with excellent service. As the waiter we are not fully responsible for the preparation of the order, there is a head-chef in the kitchen and perhaps a cocky bartender. There may be squabbles in the kitchen, or differences with the bartender, but as a team we work together to get those under control and make sure that the customer gets what they ordered. At this point the service is complete.

A: Look honestly at yourself, how do you think you can assist others better in your service to God? 

P: Lord forgive me for the times I have not seen beyond myself in my service to you. Thank you for the opportunity to assist others in my service to you. Today I submit and commit my heart afresh to serving you with all that I am.