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Week 18: The Place of Diligence



S: Prov 22: 29 KJV “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; He shall not stand before mean men.

O: The Chambers Dictionary defines diligence as steady and earnest in application. The act of diligence is intentional consistency, determination against all odds and passion in the outworking of your gift. Diligence is necessary for success in anything. This is a simple truth and there is no other way, but that does not necessarily mean it is easy. For instance, the scripture tells us that Jesus is the way the truth and the life and the only way to the father is through Him (John 14:6). There may be times we struggle with simple but crucial concepts like consistency or Jesus being the only way but the goal should always be to find your way back on to the path that we know to be true no matter how difficult it is.

A: When was the last time you knew you were on the path of diligence, doing the acts required to develop and grow? Make time and space in your daily schedule to restart those activities and commit to them. Ask God for the strength you need to keep going. 

P: Lord thank you for reminding me how important diligence is in becoming the person you have called me to be. Show me the things I should commit to to grow and develop the gifts you have given me, and grant me the strength to keep going even when it is hard.