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Week 29: The Lord indeed is our Help!

S: Psalm 121:2
My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth!
O: Today the world is filled with service providers offering solutions to various problems. Is it any wonder then that it’s so easy to look everywhere else first or worse still leave God out completely? We spend and drain our energy chasing solutions that often can’t solve or even help the problem, instead of turning to a solution provider who will always come through!  Who is this solution provider? He is our keeper, our protector, the Lord God almighty who made heaven and earth! Like every manufacturer who builds anything from the ground up, He knows how every part of our life and this world should function. Most of the time when we run into a problem, at its core we are essentially unsure of how to handle a particular situation. So when those moments crop up, let’s turn, run and cry to God for help. He is the best help we could ever ask for.
A: First, acknowledge the times you have passed God over when looking for help and repent. Second, turn to God and ask for His help first today about that issue. 
P: Lord thank you for always being available to help me even when I have written you out of my solution! Today, I repent and declare that I NEED YOU and I CANNOT get through life without your help.