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Week 46 Thanksgiving


S: Psalm 92:1

It is good to give thanks to the Lord, And to sing praises to Your name, O Most High;

O: Indeed it is good to give thanks to God. As a concept in and of itself, gratitude has the power to change your perspective on a situation especially when it’s not looking so good. In a world filled with comparisons and competition, we can easily have a negative outlook that puts us on the back foot. More and more we view our lives highlighting all the things we do not have, are yet to achieve, and that are not going so well for us at that time. Gratitude has the power to change what we see because it fundamentally shifts our focus from what is not working to all the things that are going well. Being thankful also glorifies God and screams “I trust you, God”. Gratitude requires and demonstrates trust most intensely when you are grateful in less than ideal situations. Think of the story of the ten lepers who Jesus healed and only one came back to thank him (Luke 17:11-19). Bringing it closer to home, think about when you do things for people and they thank you. No matter the reason you did whatever it was for the person and whether you expected their gratitude or not, you almost involuntarily become more endeared to the person and willing to do more for them right? 


A: Make a habit of listing all the things you are grateful for. Revisit the list each day if you can and add to it. 

P: Lord thank you for all that you do for me daily. Even when I don’t understand your plan in the tough chapters of my life I am grateful because I know it is always in my best interest.