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Week 23: Submitting your gift - The five loaves and two fish

SJohn 6: 9 – 13
“There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two small fish, but what are they among so many?
O: Five thousand men, many more women, children and no food. This was the scenario that presented itself. There was a need and seemingly no solution at least from the disciples point of view. The boy saw the need and he willingly took all he had and gave it, all of it, to Jesus in an act of faith. Even though what he had was not sufficient to feed the people, submitted to the hands of Jesus it became more than enough. We often look at our gifting through the lens of our natural eyes. This then leads us to under-estimate the capacity of what we have and not see how far it can go. When we truly submit our gifts to Jesus the way the boy submitted everything to Jesus, it becomes more than we could ever dream of. The bread and fish only changed in the hands of Jesus. In John’s account, he talks about the boy and his action of submitting what he had. In Luke 9:16 it described what Jesus did in more detail, saying He took the loaves and fish and BLESSED them and broke them into pieces. It was only after the breaking that the extension/expansion of the gift happened. The truth is, in the moment what the boy did was not a glamorous act but it was probably the most significant moment in his life. We rarely come into a situation of need feeling like we are all that and a bag of chips but in submitting, he truly had to give all that he had. That singular act glorified God. The action was submission.
The result was more than enough. 
A: What gift are you yet to fully submit to God. Give it to him.
P: Lord, thank you for the gifts you have given me, for trusting me with them. Help me to submit the gift to you so that you can use it, expand it and send it to those that need it most.  You know who can benefit from it, who needs it the most, how big it can be and how far it can go. Lord, even now I entrust it back to you.