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Week 28: God is on your side

S: Psalm 118:6
“The LORD is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?”
O: As creatives, we are made aware quite early on that we need to be ‘hooked up’ with the key players or gatekeepers of our industry to make any significant advancement. I am sure we can all relate to this. Whilst this is true of most, if not every industry, as a creative person talent plus hard-work doesn’t always equal or guarantee a breakthrough. Sometimes, it can feel like a little talent plus who you know often seems to be all you need. In reality that is not the entire truth.  Having key connections may inform how we might move and as a result we tend to put these gatekeepers on a pedestal, forgetting the powerful truth of this scripture. We approach and relate to these people with trepidation, and misguided reverence hoping that we would be accepted, even if it means changing who we are! Imagine just how this approach grieves a God who makes us who we are so intentionally. This scripture tells us that God IS on our side, and that with Him we need not fear any man! God shows us through scripture that the path from A to Z, or B for that matter is rarely straightforward but He can use obvious and more often, less obvious channels to get us where we need to be because He is all we need. 
A: Looking inward, can you truthfully identify a situation currently in your life where you have placed a gatekeeper higher than God because you wanted to advance so desperately?  If so, make up your mind to trust in God, not man and ask for Him to do it His way. 
P: Dear Lord, thank you for always being on my side. Sorry for the times when I have put my faith in people instead of you. Today, I declare that YOU ARE ALL I NEED!